execute an external sql function in mendix

Hey guys. I am new here. I have a function in an mssql database. Its type is  [dbo].[fn_’function_name’](@par1, @par2, @par3, @par4, @par5, @par6) which returns a table @result. par1, par2 and par3 are integers, par4, par5 are datetime and par6 is a string. Does anyone know how can i execute this function in a mendix microflow and pass the result in an entity? I’ve done the first steps by connecting my mendix app with the database using JDBK Url, UserName and Password. I am currently using a mendix 9.15.0 version. Thanks in Advance.  
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Hi ,
You can take a look at Database Connector Module. You can execute your Own Queries with this module.


Hope this helps!!