How to auto time format using default date picker widget

Hi Folks, Is there any way to auto format time using default date picker widget? For Example, if we use ‘1230’ it should auto format to ‘12:30’ (Currently it’s showing invalid date). So user don’t need to add : every time. I used customized thing that is added hhmm but the colon should be there. Please share some ideas on the above   Thanks & regards, Priyanka
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Hi Priyanka,

I think if your attribute is of type DateTime, you should have your users fill-out a dateTime value. This is recommended, because Mendix works with Time zones and Localization. In addition, the DateTime value of a user will be converted by Mendix before it is stored in the database. So in order not to mess up dateTime values, you better have your users fillout a DateTime value in a DateTime attribute, so Mendix can assure you the right TimeZone and localizations configurations are meet.


Good luck with it,