Date Time Function

I am using trimToDays function to check expiration date has been reached out. If reached out then I am receiving an email but If expiration date is 30 -07-2022 then in email body it is taking 29 -07-2022. It is taking previous date in QA environment. Schedular will run at 12 midnight. Why it is taking previous date?
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Hi Sidheshwari,

In this scenario, I would prefer you to check the timezone that is configured for the current user while creating.

Check the expiration date attribute's localize boolean, set it to "No" and try.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Sidheshwari Devkar 

DateTimes are always stored UTC format in mendix. Displaying a value in the timezone is handled by the client, depending on browser timezone and handling on the server based on User timezone, app time zone and server time depending on the configuration.

Please refer this: Mendix Academy - 7.3 Timezone Settings