Scheduled event not executing in Mendix 9

We have a scheduled event set to run every 10 minutes on a Mendix 9.12.2 application. Our scheduled event is enabled in the developer portal and is deployed to a licensed cloud node. The microflow attached to the scheduled event is not being executed.   I’ve tried connecting to the remote debugger and setting the breakpoint on the first activity in the microflow. The breakpoint is never reached. I’m also logging the status of the scheduled event through a database object, and the object is never being created, which also indicates that the scheduled event isn’t executing.   Any idea what the issue could be?    
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This is caused by a bug in version 9.12.2 of Mendix. After upgrading to Mendix 9.12.4 the issue has been resolved.


Hi Steven Alcalde,


Have you enabled in the schedular execution to yes in Schedular Event.