How to make a todo list without any storage

here is my ui looks like: <Input /> <List>   <item />   <item /> </List>   I input something and press enter to add a todoItem to the todoList, and then I can toggle the checkbox to change any todoItem’s status (completed or not). yeah, it’s just a easy todo list. I dont want to have any connect with database or localstorage, can this be worked just in memory?   I tried to create an todoItem entity but don’t know how to bind to a list view, may i should try nanoflow?   when i use a nanoflow to add an todoItem to list by press enter event, how can i get the list, input can just passin a param todoItem (I link an Data view with todoItem entity)   I am a beginer of mendix, hope for help.   I am not sure if i explain the question clearly, all I want is to make a easy todo list without any storage.    
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You can use non persistent objects for that. You could connect this todo entity to the user session so you could always retrieve the list again through the current user.