Deeplink with XSUAA

Hi All   We have a mendix version 9.12.2 application where we have booth the deeplink (9.0.3) and sapauthentication (v2.1.8) module. When I test the deeplink with a local account it seem to work. However, when a user is not authenticated, he is redirect to our IDP (SSO) and returns to the application afterwards. However, the deeplink is not working at all.   We have a microflow that checks whether the user is deeplinked or not, but I do not even get into that MF. Documentation is somehow not on the same line as the documentation of the sapauthentication module mentions to enter the value ‘xsuaalogin/ in the constant “Deeplink.LoginLocation” whereas the deeplink documentation mentions to enter ‘/xsauaalogin/login?ret=’. However both do no work. Am I missing something?   Kind regards   Kevin  
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Hi Kevin,

what exactly is the error your browser is showing you?
With mendix 9 apps we made the expierence that a custom runtime value needs to be configured. 

 Setting: com.mendix.core.SameSiteCookies with value -> Lax

Hope that helps you.


Hi Frederik, 


Thanks for your reply. When we are not logged in yet and we open the deeplink URL we go directly to our IDP to login SSO. After that request, the browser ends up with a 560 error and the app is not working anymore.
If the user however is already logged in it works.


We already had the samesitecookies to ‘None’ but this did not help.


Kind regards