Data Grid 2 Export to Excel

Out of the box, system generated application from an Excel spread sheet generates a DataGrid1 that has an Export to Excel button that works. No code, no effort. If I create another DataGrid1 (and use Xpath for the source) I can copy/paste the button and it works.   DG1 has a Grid Control Bar where the button lives, but DG2 has no such animal.  I do not see “Export to Excel” as an available button and it won’t copy from DG1 to DataGrid2.   Is there any way to get the Export to Excel functionality on DG2 – with NO code (and preferably very little effort – meaning NO Reflection and template mess)?    
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Hi Bill Fleming,


Sorry, It is not possible with no code you can use minimal code to generate an Excel file download.


As you know, this document helps for you:


I hope it helps.