Generate PDF file with cyrillic

Hello everyone, I need to generate a pdf file with the cyrillic characters. When I generate the file the cyrillic characters are changed to ‘#’. Is there a way to fix this?   It looks like this in Studio Pro:   And like this in the browser: 
2 answers

You should add the font supporting Cyrillic characters according to:


I managed to fix my issue by following these steps:

  • Went to my lib folder (LocalDisk/ProgramFiles/Mendix/version/runtime/lib) and I had to copy the fop.xconf file into the Mendix Application resource folder.
  • Added the following fonts in the fop.xconf file like so:

  • Changed the names of the files to lowercase and put them into the resources folder (Otherwise it will not work):

  • Then I had to set the font-family style in the Template like this: