How to show a specific list of employees when selecting from a drop-down

Hello!   I currently have a drop-down where one can select a project, after which I would like a reference set selector to show a list of employees (attendees) that are currently working on that selected project and after which I am also able to add other employees to this attendee-list without adding them as an employee to the project. However, I am not able to get this to work because I can not get a microflow to call the current object. Another solution I’ve tried is using a data grid and then tried to set a drop-down filter, but this requires an enum which isn’t the case here.   I feel like I am overlooking something relatively easy, I hope someone here can help me. Thanks in advance!      
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hii Nikki Osseforth,

make a helper entity and associate it with your two existing entity Employee and Project with one to one relation

then you can access all attribute of both entities (Employee & Project)

then you can also use refrence selctor and can select Employee name (use data source to Helper Entity)




Have you tried using the selectable objects option in reference set selector ?






Yes, so I want to make it so that the user selects a certain project in a dropdown, which then results in an automatically generated list of Employees that is assigned to this project in this reference set selector, but I should also be able to add more Employees that are not assigned to this project. The difficulty I have here is the I am creating this in a data view of the entity Meeting, while I am trying to use the association Employee_Project.

This is what my (relevant) domain model currently looks like:


I’ve tried doing it using a microflow but because the Data View is of the entity Meeting I can’t get to the Employee_Project association, like this:

I also tried this, but I suspect this returns empty because I think the reference set is loaded while opening the page and the object is empty at that time:


I hope this makes it a little bit clearer what I am trying to achieve, thanks for the help!