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Hi Guys, I have the following scenario: Entity A with a many to many to entity B. a list of Entity A is created using a microflow (doing some pre filter work) and shown on a page. What I am trying to achieve is filling a list, on the same page, with all the related entity B's. doing a (multi) select on the list of entity B, I would like to filter the list of entity A. Is there any way to achieve this? This should work in much the same way as tags work on this forum. You do a search, this returns a list, by selecting a tag the list of relevant answers gets filled. I've tried playing with the checkbox set selector, label selector and tree/grid view but this is not getting me the results I need. Any ideas?
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The first part of your scenario is simple enough. Just build a list view with a listening data view. Then nest a second list view in the listening view over the described association.

I must admit to being somewhat unclear on the second half of your query. Are you trying to retrieve all A objects that are linked a B object that is linked to a certain A object? I'm not entirely sure if I'm interpreting that correctly, but if I am the solution shouldn't be too difficult once you have a list of B objects. Simply pass the selection of B objects to a microflow and retrieve all your A objects over association over a loop.

I hope this helps; if it doesn't, please try being a bit more specific in your use case.