Invalid Intermediate Chain. Please remove any whitespace.

Hello,   When adding a custom domain, I’m uploading a certificate signed by my CA. In the past, we’ve uploaded the certificate bundle as the Intermediate Chain. I can look at past certificates, and see we’ve used cert bundles going back 3 years.   Today, I went to update a Mendix app’s SSL/TLS cert for 2022-2023 and I received the error “Invalid Intermediate Chain. Please remove any whitespace.” I double checked my cert and there is no extra whitespacing. Has anyone ran into this issue?
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Yeah this started happening to me as well. You can upload the the upper part of the intermediate chain and its still valid but yeah; that's not how it's supposed to work. Nor would I advise it.


I had the same error, and had to delete a newline at the end of the certificate. If you ctrl a, you can see if there is a newline at  the end.