Mendix Studio Pro 9.16.1/Make It Native 9-Monetization

Still looking for simple suggestions on how to monetize native mobile app.  Attempted to show URL that is coded for Google AdSense but it’s been impossible to get approved with no reasons and no human being support.  Thet can’t assume they can automate everything.  i.e. AI=Logic Vaporware  Any suggestions as an alternative to Google is welcome.  Yippee proof of concept will be 100% once this happens (have to find a way to pay for $2K/mo licensing fees and 3rd party API usage to get to UAT).  Status of trying to perform a philanthropic miracle: 24.9%-I just need one more tool to finish build out.  p.s. I think it’s so cool Tim’s# is 777 (totally deserves it)
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