User Creation

Hi EveryOne,                       Im creating a Food Delivery app I have 3 users Customer,Restaurant and Delivery person.I created 3 roles  for these users.All the users need to register to the app.I created a non persistant register entity and for the customer entity generalize the account entity.Now my question is what is the best approach: 1.creating 3 entities for all users and generalize them from account entity 2.Create one user entity and create a enumeration of user roles and generalize from account entity.       Because as there are relations from restaurant to driver,restaurant to customer i’m confused. Does any one have any idea what is the best approach for it??
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Hi sabitha,


go with second option but no need of creation of enum fo creation of userroles you can directly add the user roles in the app security itself and map that userroles with the module roles this is the best approach for your question.

All the best for your learnings.


Hi Sabita,


Second one is best option to move forward.