Doubts in some questions for rapid certification

Hello, I am preparing for Mendix rapid certification. Solved some questions but in some questions , not sure if the answer showing are correct or not. Please let me whether the provided answers are correct or not and if correct please help me by providing the explaination of the  answer for the following questions   Why would an entity not show up in the auto-complete of the expression editor?---The entity is not in scope of the microflow. Where can you find the QR code that you need to scan on your phone to view the mobile part of app ?-------Run locally and view in the mendix app. Need to create a mobile-specific version of app if wanted to use it on phone?----No (I guess it should be YES) If a TEAM can have only 1 HOME STADIUM and a HOME STADIUM can have one team, which association need to be created between TEAM and HOME STADIUM?----Exclusive association (I guess 1 to1 association) You would like to use a DATA VIEW to limit the number of objects retrieved by LIST VIEW that is placed inside DATA VIEW. What is this concept called?-----Nested data (I guess, Using an object as constraint)   Please help me out,   Thanks
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  1. Correct. “Not in scope” means that the entity might not have been created yet. See the first image. Neither of the objects is available.
  2. Correct. Run your app locally (press F5) and when it is running, then in StudioPro go to the drop-down at the top right and select ‘View on your device’ (the exact text is slightly different per MxStudioPro version). See the second image.
  3. No is correct. Go to your navigation and look at the profile-types you can add. Type ‘Phone web’ allows you to use this app on your phone without being mobile-specific (specifically Android, or specifically Apple).
  4. Correct. A 1-1 association is an exclusive association.
  5. Correct, they indeed mean Nested Data. See, paragraph 2 for an example. And the list view’s datasource will be by association.