Mendix Integration with AWS Cognito

Hi Reader,   Can Mendix integrate with AWS Cognito? If yes, how?   Thanks and Regards, Harshraj Singh
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Do you mean AWS Cognito ? As per my information there is no out of the box solution , however you can build your own . Below is a nice documentation for google OAuth, Facebook etc .


Hope this helps .Let me know how it goes.





Hi Harshraj,


Did some research and found out that for SAML you will still need some social idP like facebook,google etc .

as Currently, Cognito is an OIDC IdP and not a SAML IdP. If an application supports OIDC, you can use Cognito to connect to that.,Cognito%20to%20connect%20to%20that.&text=We%20will%20consider%20your%20request%20for%20future%20releases.


This is an old thread so you can check for latest information .


Also please note that Mendix also support OIDC SSO so you can check this module

However as per documentation it has not been tested with AWS Cognito , Maybe you have to modify in order to fit your current requirement.

You can also go through This may help in understanding the context more.