Association Types

Hello Experts,   I have a small doubt in associations. Mainly we have 3 types association as everyone knows that. My question is there any 4th  type of association we have in mendix….   Answers are my appreciated!!!
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I guess this can clarify your doubts


Hi Aneesh,

There are three types of associations namely


you will be having knowledge about this already,you need to know about the self association itself it is pointed from the same entity to same entity.just go through documentation for self association you will get more knowledge on that.

thank you.


Hello Aneesh Narayanan,


Broadly Mendix offers 3 types of Associations between 2 entities:

  1. 1-1 (one to one)
  2. 1-* (one to many)
  3. *-* (many to many)

Additional points to consider:

  1. If association is present between the same entity, then that is termed as “Self Association
  2. If association is present between two entities which are present in different modules, that that is termed as “Cross Module Association
  3. Many-to-Many Association with Dual Ownership is possible where both the entities are the owner of the association.

Additionally, you can check the link provided by Alessandro Stagni for a detailed explanation on Associations