Add Hyperlink to the Name attribute to see the details of the particular form

Hello Experts,   I’m beginner to mendix right now i’m creating an basic app. I have a Domain Model With  Name Attributes. I had enter the the details according to my domain model in the  form new page.    Now my question is  I have a data grid page to show the details which i entered in the form new page.  Usually if we double click on the data grid page row we can see the details in view tab. However my requirement is  i need to add a hyperlink to the Name attribute  in the data grid  if i click on the hyperlink then only i need to be able to see the details in view tab.   Is there any possible way to achieve this requirement. Kindly let me know…   Answers are much appreciated!!!
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Yes you can to something like that using the data grid 2, or a list view. But you wont be able to do it using the data grid. 

In your datagrid 2 (or your list view) you simply need to add a link button