I build an app which displays data from an IoT-Channel. On the x-axis is the date (around 1 year in total) and on the y-axis is the number of items in storage. For some days there are multiple entries with diffrent numbers. (For example: 5a.m. : 30 pcs;  11a.m. 100pcs) If I display the data in a time series, it looks like in the picture. → I don´t understand why there is a horizontal line between the first and last entry.   If I usa a Aggregration function, to only display the “last” entry of the day, the line don´t show up.  
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You had a look at your data in a data table or list and the line still does not appear to make sense? Is the vertical line of in the second peak expected? Looks like your data has outliers. Your finding that the chart looks alright if just the ‘last’ entry of each day is shown is interesting.