2-column template grid with groupboxes - when I open a groupbox in one column, the groupbox in the opposite column increases in size.

I have a template grid with two columns and each element of the template grid has a group box widget. When I run the application, I see 2 columns of group boxes that I can open or close. The problem is that when I open a group box in one column, the group box in the other column is enlarged as if it was also opened, although it remains closed. How can I fix this? I'm trying to use custom styles but I'm not sure why this is happening.   Screenshot: https://ibb.co/qmLhWzQ
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Hi Maxim,

I am affraid this might be difficult to change with the template grid.
The grid uses the mx-templategrid-row to keep al items within a row and adjust the size of that row with the bottom borders based on the contents. So indeed if you click on 1 groupbox it will change the height of the whole row.

My suggestion would be to switch to a list view and style it with the class lv-col-md-5 or something similar.
This will make it look like setup that you got with the template grid but keeps the height of each individual unit.

Hope this helps!