Errors CE0082

How do i deal with this errors:
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We have Two Enitities(Employee and Department)

Employee is the Parent entity that inherited Department entity which means that all the Department entity attributes will be reused in Employee.

Department entity once again inhertied with Employee forms a Cylcle here

Employee--->Department--->Employee(This should not acceptable --->shows Cylic inheritance)

 check the Exceltestentity generalization whether is looped with another entity

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What you are doing is impossible.

Inheriting the entity which the entity inherits is like a child being the parent of its own parent.


As i see employee is inheriting the department. But also a reference. An employee should not inherit from department, because the you say: a Employee IS a department.  While a employee should HAVE an department. So the 1-* reference will do the job. On employee reference one department and one department is referenced by multiple employees.


Remove both generalizations (inheritance) and keep the reference