Redirect back to custom request handler after plain old login page

Hi. I call the java code: Core.addRequestHandler() in my ASU_ and when the handler detects that the user is not logged in I want it to display the regular login.html and after submitting the login form the user should be redirected back to that handler.   It’s very easy to implement this with SSO schemas, because you can tell the SSO site where you want to be returned upon successful login.   Surprisingly, the standard Mendix component “login.js” used by login.html can only redirect you to index.html or index3.html. You can only append the optional query string and/or hash.   The hash works out of the box for page URLs: “index.html#/p/PageName” redirects to “/p/PageName”.   I tried the same with the custom handler: “index.html#/custom”, but it does not redirect to “/custom”.  
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