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Tell me about mendix, they maybe be little hard  1- How is that Mendix getting money in regards to being stable and able to enhance itself? And how that system allows you to monetize your app? 2- Does Mendix has plans to enhance its features and remove its limitations? Or it is just going to stay as it is? 3- How effective Mendix is reaching its potential users/markets and what features this system can provide your app to reach its potential users/markets ? 4-Vision is a broad word to express many things like the objectives, values, goals, methodologies, theories, ... of the project. So, does the system has its own vision? And does the system allow the app to manage its own vision inside the system? 5- is there a developer roadmap ? roadmap, which is the plan for the innovation and changes will be done to the system over the future, also, it is about if the system allows you to manage the road map of your own app    
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Mendix has been around for over fifteen years. Here is why:

Mendix is evolving quite rapidly and is releasing new functions on a monthly basis.

They surely do have a roadmap for new functions but not public. 

  1. To run Mendix apps on production level you need a licence. Mendix makes most of it's money there. Also they charge for their cloud nodes and provide several services on a licence model.
    1. As a partner you can sell this licence "through” your company. Mendix then gives you a small cut.
    2. You can provide your own services in the app store.
  2. Mendix is always upgrading, expanding and taking ideas from the idea forum
  3. Mendix uses its many implementation partners, as well as their own internal team to connect with and help potential and existing clients
  4. Mendix does work from a internal vision, but I guess nothing is stopping you from doing your own thing
  5. I know Mendix has a roadmap, but I'm not sure how much of it is public.