Adding a dot in numbers higher than 1000

Hi everyone!   I am working on a project where I do some price calculation based on different parameters. The output is an integer of which the value can vary a lot. For better UX, I would like to be able to add a dot in numbers higher than 1000, so that instead of ‘1000,-’, the user would see ‘1.000,-’ for instance. I have looked at quite some documentation but nothing so far that would help me in an efficient way. Anyone has an idea on how to go about this?   Thank you in advance!
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Margaux, you could try to enable the Group Digits option on the property settings. (Edit page, select attribute, property pane).


Hope that helps, Thijs


In addition to Thijs’ answer, there is also the built-in formatDecimal function, or for more functionality, there is the DecimalTools module on the Marketplace that gives more formatting options if you show the output as a String.

Hope this helps.