General hard Mendix questions

By how much you rate Partner ecosystem? Ecosystem means the related communities, companies, integrations, ideas, ... everything created by third parties which is related to a system is called the ecosystem. Partner is an official relation between these third parties and the system owner. How much the Revenue from Mendix sales ? By how much you rate App and platform Governance?  Governance means to control changes on something to allow custom policies inside each company regarding who can change what, including the design/code of the app, not only the data is there App automated Testing? and how can i do it ?
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Hi Ibrahim,


you ask sensible questions, also in your previous ost.

Although these questions require more than a written answer on a forum. Also question like revenue is not something you will find by asking the community.

I think the information on this page will help you a lot: 


Also, are you a interested MX platform user/customer or Mendix partner?

Depending on this I advise you to reach out to Mendix and have a conversation with their partner/customer team. 


Answering a bit from my point of view

  1. Mendix has a strong partner eco system. which is growing fast and Mendix is heavily investing in their partner eco-system.
  2. Depends who's asking and which revenue ;-)
  3. The governance is on a high level.
  4. Yes, see link