Memory leak

Hi all,  I’ve been having this issue, the JVM object heap still shows a good amount of free space however the application node OS memory (which IIRC includes the object heap), is hitting the max and crashing the app.    I don’t have enough knowledge to analyse a heap dump to find a solution so will be bringing in expert services to help, however I thought I’d ask here first if anyone has had a similar issue before where the node os memory maxes out but the object heap doesen’t?   I do wonder if it could be related to a database issue (our database CPU hits above 95% a couple of times a day at the moment and also looking into that). I do keep an eye on the ‘running-now’ page and very rarely see any long-running processes such as retrieves   I don’t think, at the moment, increasing our container size is the right answer, but rather there is an issue with the build we can solve.    Any tips/help would be much appreciated 
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I’ve also faced this kind of issue.

In my case I was processing the larger list from API call at time and that was causing the above issue. 

So the solution was to process the data in batches this way it will not become the load on memory, and data will process smaller amount of list at a time.


Hope this will help you!


Hi Garion,

Did you try increasing the heap memory of your app, i guess that’ll solve your issue.

Setting→ conguration → heap size

Hope it helps!