Already contains a module

I've just installed Mendix Business Modeller for the first time, and I'm attempting to use the Pizza Mario module as described in the "Deploy in 3 minutes" video. However, it's not working for me. As the video says, I create a new project, and download the Pizza Mario module from the AppStore. At that point, unlike in the video, I'm told that "The project already contains a module named 'MyFirstModule'. Do you want to rename the module you are importing?". If I select “Rename”, then the project will not build because it contains errors. If I select “Cancel”, then the module does not download. Presumably I'm doing something wrong, as I'm told by Mendix that it's working for them. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Remove your FirstModule (on the left in the project explorer) before importing the module from the appstore.


What are the errors you get?

I tried importing the same module into a new project and didn't get any new errors.

(Did you turn on security?)