How to display No data found in datagrid 2?

Hi ,   I am using datagrid2 ,the datagrid2 simply goes blank if there is no record to show. If there is no record I need to show “No data found” along with headers. Can anyone plz help on this.   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Nisha,


You can easily do this by calling a microflow, 

just call a microflow which shows the pae where the datagrid is implimented,

in the microflow first retrieve all the data, and add a decision activity, if the data is found show the page,

and if the data is not found( the list is empty) show an error mssge, No list found.

This way you can easily achieve what you want to.

You can refer to the images below!





Hope it helps!


u can add the Settings for Datagrid 2 as Empty list message as custom. 
below the grid2 u can find a place holder like footer where in u can add any message 


Hi Nisha,

There is no directly possibility as listview that we can show in a format of no data found if there are no records,

for achieving this you need to do in a format of creation of one boolean attribute firstly and you need to add a container with text no data found and the datagrid wants to be wrapped inside the container and based on conditional visbilty true or false you need to show case this datagrid or nodata found need to manipulate the status of boolean attribute in a microflow based on entity count if count=0 message needs to be shown or if count greater than 0 datagrid needs to be shown.


hope you understand this. 


Hej Nisha,


  1. you could write “No Data Found” in a string Attribute ( name ) from that Entity.
  1. retrieve in a Microflow with a Xpath the Data. [name !=  “No Data Found”]
  2. when the returned list is empty, then return the Entry with “no Data Found”, else the normal Data.
  3. Now if empty, in the List should be 1 Entry with No Data Found.



Hope it helps.