Filters to DataGrid with data source Microflow

If I set the DataGrid data source as microflow, the widget does not generate standard filters for entity attributes (search, dropdown, multi-select dropdown, etc.).   Is it possible to somehow add filters to DataGrid with data source Microflow? Are there any widgets in the Mendix Store or is there a better solution?
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Hi maxim,

Well there's a way, but its a bit tricky.

What you can do is, make a NPE for filtering the data and its attributes should be anything upon which you want to filter data (e.g name).

Now  put a data view around the datagrid. The source of the Dataview should be a microflow that creates the filter object. Now put a textbox object with the NPE attribute as its path. And apply an on change event to call a microflow which refreshes the dataview object. 

 And on the datagrid source microflow you can take the NPE object as a parameter and pass it to the retrieve activity and filter the data accordingly.


If you have any doubts then feel free to ask.

Hope it helps