Get current user name in dataview form field automatically after user logged in

  Hello Experts,   i’m currently developing a LeaveForm App with entity which have attributes such as Name, PhoneNo, Department,etc… . In this, I have user roles such as Administrator, User, Student, Teacher and Principal. For Student role, I have multiple number of students and each students  have login credentials. The students can login through the app and can apply leave respectively.    My question is after the  successfull login of the student.  I  need to get the name of the current student in my dataview form in the  attribute field called Name.  How can i achieve this automatically after the student logged in.     Answers are much appreciated !!!
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Hi aneesh,

You can do this by calling a microflow. From the button wjich leads to edit page.

In thay microflow create the object and change member to account/full name and then show the edit page( don't forget to pass the new object ). 

The names in the new edit page will be filled automatically.


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You can get the Current user details Using the CurrentUser token or Variable in the microflow.  this X-path like [id=$currentUser].


Hello Aneesh,

Refer this-
Hope this will ans wer all your qestions.