Radio buttons with enumeration to filter a list view

Hi, I’m new to the Mendix platform. I’ve runned to the first learning paths and now I want to try to make a first personal app but immediately I run into some problems where I hope someone of you can help me with. I show the records from some entity in a list view. I want to put a radio button above that list view so the user can choose what records he/she wants to see. For the moment only 2 possibilities to choose from but that will extent to max 4 choises. I thought to work with a Enumeration for the possible choises but I can’t seem to connect that enumeration to the radio buttons? It looks like I can only do that if that radio button is mapped to a field of the entity that I use in that list view that has that enumeration-type. Or I’m I wrong here? In my case I will not use that enumeration (and so also that radio button) to assign a value to a attribuut of an entity but I will just use it to make some kind of filtering of the data displayed in that listview. How can I do that the Mendix way? Also, when I change the value of that radio button: how can I refresh the data in that list view? I can make a microflow that sets a variable with the value of the radio button, close the page and reopen the page (I guess) but I do not think that this is the correct approch. Can someone give me some hints so I can continiue my journey in Mendix? 
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Hi Den,


It is highly recommended to use the standard Mendix search options for this purpose. So if there is no very specific reason why you would not use the standard Search functionality, I would recommend the standard search option. The search options can be set in properties pane of your listview. 


Good luck with it.