Java heap space issue

Hi Team, I am getting an java heap space error while running the application in local.  
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Hi Kajal,


This is an error you run into when the JVM Heap tells you “Enough is enough. I can’t fit all of this into my memory.” Which usually means that the application has become unstable and should be restarted before it crashes and that you also have a real problem to solve.

The following things can cause this error:

  • Memory leak
    • Introduced by developer, custom code
    • A bug in Mendix Runtime
    • A bug in a Java library used by custom code of the developer or by the Mendix Runtime
    • A bug in Java Runtime
  • Massive creation of objects (for example, by retrieving 1 trillion entities in a single microflow at once)
  • Configuration issue or sizing issue.

You can refer to this doc.


you can correct this by

Settings→ config.→ Size

Hope it helps!


Hi Kajal,

There are too many objects in memory. This can be, for example, due to a memory leak. Or just a big application and too little memory.


You can up the standard java heap size in the settings. 


After that, check the JVM analyses tool from the JDK. Which after connecting to your running Mendix app, gives you insight in the usage:


Hi there, well both the answers above were very insightfull but if those dont work I suggest you simpy delete all the data in your local and start fresh as this error could also be a result of a corrupt data file. 

It worked for me may be it will for you too.

Have  a nice day