Downloading SVN Repository with PAT token instead of account password

I’ve noticed that svn does not allow authentication with a PAT. So i’m forced to use my account password. But I don’t want to use my account password because of security reasons and because I want to automate an process with mendix code.   I’ve noticed that the GIT variant of Mendix does use an PAT token. So I hope that somebody knows a way to pull svn code with authentication without using an personal password but with an PAT.   Command used: svn checkout --username=<email> --password="<password>" --no-auth-cache <Teamserver> <local_dir>    
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Unfortunately you can not. What you could do is migrating to GIT. But currently there is not yet a simple migration path. That will follow on a later point in time. See also the documentation here: point 9 Can I Migrate from Team Server SVN to Git?