Restore individual company backup

  Hi Mendix community    Our company requrieds to be able to restore data from an individual company, without affecting others. Just a note that in one product multiple companies can be added. We have entity Company, and we retrieve information by filtering with company id.    Let’s say we have one company who has made a big mistake, and wants us to restore the data back to how it was at the last backup. We want the ability to restore the data back to the last backup, without doing the same to all companies.   Have you had any experience in this area?   Regards, Anahit 
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That is indeed a though use case. 

I have done this in the past by creating either an excel/csv or json export of the data set(could be multiple files) of a specific company.

Then also create an import with the exact excel/csv or json format that process this info for a specific company.

That way you can use a back-up to extract the company data locally and then import back into your desired environment when needed.

Hope this helps!