Eligibility to be a MVP

Hello experts, I just wanted to know, Am I eligible enough, to apply for Mendix MVP?     If yes, how can I do it. Any answers and suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you in advance! 
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Hi Rishabh, Any advanced or expert consultant is eligable for MVP and the criteria are only loosely defined by Mendix. See this documentation on it: https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/community-tools/mendix-mvp-program/. Applying can be done here: https://www.mendix.com/mvp-program/

Best of luck!


These are their criteria:

See if you pass all of them, and if you think you can get accepted (it is not an exam but a role/job), just apply. Worst that can happen is that you get informed about why you are not (yet) ready to become an MVP


hi Rishabh,

  1. assume you have to be a really great mendix programmer, I am talking about java, pluggable widgets up and down, etc. If you are now level 4, there is a long way to go...
  2. assume you have to be a very well connected node in the mendix community by organizing meet-ups, writing instructional blogs, helping others massively in the Forum.

Best regards, Boris