How to use Confirm Microflow Dialog Context widget

I need to get the user to confirm the intention to delete an object, which means passing the object concerned to a microflow invoked by a Confirm Microflow Dialog Context widget (I believe). I have placed the widget on a data view form associated wtih the object to be deleted and set properties as follows. Caption "Delete" Image "Delete" Popup title "Delete" Popup message "Really delete the object?" (or whatever) Render as Button Confirm caption "OK" Confirm image nothing Cancel caption "Cancel" Cancel image nothing and the moiroflow to be run on selecting "OK" is named in Data source at the bottom. As I understand it no Cancel microflow can be specified in this widget, and I don't need to set Class name to attach, since the button is just to appear on the body of the form. But the microflow doesn't run when I select OK. Can anyone spot anything I'm doing wrong please? * Update On running this in Firefox with Firebug, nothing happens at all when the OK button is clicked; no error message, no HTTP GET or POST in the Firebug console window either.
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Hi Martin,

I've uploaded a new version to the App Store that should fix the problem and let you set a cancel microflow.