Create Entity Record in SDK

Is it possible to create an object instance of an Entity table (IE an individual Entity record) and then save that record? I have gone over all the SDK documentation and all I can find is code to retrieve/create/update the domain model entities themselves, but I have not found the ability to create an instance of that Entity then stuff the attributes with values and persist that data. The goal is dynamic data loading from the SDK, not just dynamic creation of the Domain Model Structure.    Example: I create a "Customer" Entity with a "FirstName" and "LastName" attribute. That much is simple to achieve through the SDK and the documentation provided. However, I'd like to also create an instance of a "Customer" and assign a string value to the "FirstName" attribute then save that record to the DB. Then, in theory, I could write a loop and repeat this process based on my input to createand save as many “Customer” records as needed. Is this possible through the SDK? If so, are you aware of any documentation detailing these methods?
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The SDK is used to manipulate the model programatically, so it is a design time tool. The SDK can not be used to manipulate the runtime, in other words adding data to the database table that you designed with the SDK.

You can add the data, either through the application pages, micro- or nanoflow or via the client API (in java code)