how Nanoflow commit object on server

hello memebers, i have one question i am submitting a form using nanoflow on a simple website , its working fine , but i am confuse if nanoflow works offline or run on device/browser how it commit object and create record on server because it also working when i deployed my website. can someone clear my confusion. 
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Hey Sanjay,

Nanoflow works offline only if you are working on Native


Hope it clears you confusion!


In an offline-scenario, the nanoflow tells your app to commit an object, but your app will wait until there is a connection to synchronise the object and it’s new values to the database.

To get a good feel of the exact time that an object gets written to the database, you best run your app locally, and see what happens during execution of the nanoflow and after synchronisation. Also have a webpage that you can refresh to check if your application gets the newly stored object.