Mendix App loses performance if opened for too long

Hello everyone. I’ve been using Mendix for almost an year now, developing professional apps for the industry. The platform has showed to be really useful and intuitive. One thing that still bothers me, though, is the fact the apps use to lose performance if they stay opened for too long. Let me give you an example: - i have a simple application that reads a bar code from a scanner (actually an android device equiped with a scan). When a text box changes, as a result of this read, it triggers a nanoflow, which basicallly triggers a microflow on the server that runs in the background (I’ve used the ExecuteMicroflowonbackground java action). Almost no processing is made on the phone (it is a low-performance device), everything is made on the server via microflows. When I open the app and start using it, everything works really great!! The most important need for this application is speed in the scans and the app delivers it perfectly….however, with time, you can clearly see that it starts to take longer and longer to proccess the scans. I hold no data in the device. I turned all sync off and have no commits on the device. If you close the app and open it again, everything comes back to normal. Really speed scans….that, again, start to slow down if you keep the application open for higher times. Where does this problem come from? I’ve tried forums already but nothing even mentions this problem. Is it something related to cached data in the application that increases with time? Has someone experienced something similar? thanks in advance for any response.
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