URL copy of orders lead to login with no SSO

Hii all , If I am copying URLs from existing Orders to talk with a Customer, the customer will be led to a Mendix Login with user name and password instead of SSO.   If the customer first login with SSO and then clicks on the sent URL this problem will not appear. How can we change the behaviour of that process directly to SSO??
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Hey Asha,

Did you try enabling the annonymous user.

Try enabling annonymous user and configure your pages for the role.

This way, they will be able to access your application without login.

And you can configure Deeplink also, that will come in handy, in your case.

You can refer to the link below, for deeplink configuration.


Hope it helps!

Hope it helps!


Try to enable the annonymous user and configure pages for the role and you can configure Deeplink.

Deeplink Link: https://docs.mendix.com/appstore/modules/deep-link/