Instead of session time need to store the UTC time in database

Hello all, I’m using the datetime attribute in my microflow . This attribute is storing the value of session time in database instead of UTC time . I have given the ‘Localize’ as no for now . If I entered the value as  : 10/10/22 and time is 5.00 PM it will store as a 10/10/22 and time is 10.30 PM . 5 and half hours ahead .  Can anyone help me on this to set the attribute as a correct format . Thanks in advance !
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As Rene correctly pointed out, before saving the date time attribute value you might be parsing or performing some action. One possible scenario is - if any parseDateTime function is used before storing, there might be difference in the value. To resolve this, change it to parseDateTimeUTC instead of parseDateTime.

Please check if this the issue. If not, provide more details on how this attribute is stored.  Hope this helps.


In ALL cases datetime attributes are stored as UTC.

When set to localize, displayed and stored values should be the same. Apparently that's not happening in your app. 

My guess is that somewhere between clientside selection of date and time and storing the value in the database something is done on the app server. Which causes the difference. Any microflow involved in the before commit of the attribute value?


Hi  Vinodhini R,

Please go with the custom format in data format and select your required details.

If okay this way is work out for you please accept my answer.
or need more details please add comments on it.