Change decimal separator

Hi, I'm displaying a decimal value with a thousand separator, and everything works fine. Now my problem is that the separator showed is based in the US locale ".", but the user whant's to see the separator related to the Germany locale ",". Now my question is: It's possible to change this separator, using some formarter or not? For what I read in the forum and in the documentation it doesn't seem possible to be changed. Thanks in advance.
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Have a look here, there is a token you can use to display currency in the locale of the user:


formatDecimal(1234.56, 'ยค #,##0.00')



Have a look at the Decimal Tools module in the Marketplace. 

It has a more fully featured version of the formatDecimal command that lets you specify the separator so you don’t have to use what is specified for your locale like the built-in version of the command.

Hope this helps.