SSO Redirection Issue

I have configured SSO using SAML in mendix . When I run the app it is not redirecting to SSO url it is directly hitting login page. Even I provided loginconstant in deeplink configuration and also I added redirection script in index.html.   If anyone knows solution, please help me...
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Hey Jagadeesh,

There is not index.html in the mendix 9.x version in the mendix codebase which you can modify. That's why,

You cannot make changes in index.html page as it's in deployment directory so every time we start the server it's getting overwritten.

pls refer to this question below,

 There I told, how to edit your index.html.


And for SAML, pls refer to the documentation,

Hope it helps!


You are mixing stuff up here. The deeplink loginconstant has nothing to do with the SAML setup. Did you follow the steps as described here: ?
Could you otherwise edit your question and show us the content of your index.html?