SAML Entity ID not updating

I’ve set up a few apps with SSO using the SAML2.0 module. All these apps have custom domains. In order for them to work, I set the custom domain up, then in the Runtime I update the “ApplicationRootURL” settings to [] and restart. When I do this and I go into the SAML module under the SP Configuration tab, my “Entity Id” shows the old “”. Once I hit REFRESH, it recognizes the new url from the Runtime setting and then updates this “Entity Id” to SSO then works.   I have a new app, followed the same procedure, but now when I click “Refresh”, the “” doesn’t refresh to my new custom domain and SSO fails with a message about how the requesting URL doesn’t match the IDP’s URL (which is the   I’ve tried changing to a “custo entiy id” but with the same results. Clicking REFRESH *should* update this Entity Id. Does anyone know why it doesn’t? 
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FYI this was solved: The answer…. The application setting ApplicationRootURL should have been ApplicationRootUrl