how to use Autocomplete multiselect widgets for filtering data from data grid 2

Hi  I have requirement for filtering data from data grid 2 using Autocomplete multiselect widgets. I have created persistent entity and other non persistent helper entity for filtering data but after that what next step please help no that.
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You would need to:

  1. Create a NPE to save the objects from the autocompletes (by association)
  2. Have a microflow as source in the data grid 2
    1. This microflow will return a list. Like, do a retrieve of your list then use list operation > filter to filter the list with the objects that the user selected in the autocompletes
  3. Add an event on change to all autocompletes, this microflow should refresh the NPE object.


Yet, to save the trouble of bugs, low performance and time consuming on developing, I would recommend you to use the Text Filter from data grid 2.