Creating object and storage :

Hi there, for my application I need to create a database (about 50 entries). For the moment I work with the free version locally. Can I create my entire database (with the "creating object function") locally before deploying the application? Where are the entries stored? Also, once the application is deployed, some users will be able to modify and complete this database. Is this possible starting from my local database? I know my question is very simple but I want to make sure I don't lose my job! Thank you in advance to those who will take their time to answer me!  
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Development of your app is done locally and your database resides locally as well.

When deploying your app to a cloud slot, you are only deploying the model, NOT the database.

So the easiest would be to enter the data in the cloud environment, alternatively you can implement the excel importer module to import the data into the cloud slot after using the excel export button on a grid locally. This works fine if the data can be exported per table and imported per table. If the domain model contains associations then you woould be better of using an xml/json export and import. But as we are talking about 50 records I would simply create the records in the app deployed in the cloud slot.