Studio Pro 9.17.0/Make It Native 9/Samsung Galaxy S10 Entire Database being loaded to client device from SP Server (laptop)

Studio Pro 9.17.0/Make It Native 9/Samsung Galaxy S10 Entire Database being loaded to mobile device from Studio Pro Server (laptop) The issue is the entire database is being loaded to my phone and it only has so much memory and my database is huge. I'm expecting Make It Native 9 to only load records that are requested at the time of fetch. Another user suggested some kind of commit scheme which says from the get go it WILL load the entire DB to the device. Well I think it finally hit me why this is happening. Would it be fair to say that this is being caused by the concept of "Offline-First"? In my case if there is not Internet connection I just want the app to stop attempting to process DB requests and throw an error to the user stating it can't complete because it is offline.     If so, is there a way to get rid of this "Offline-First" idea, how would I do it, and would that stop the entire database from being loaded to the mobile device in Make It Native 9 ?
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I’ve faced a similar issue in my app. The solution was to customize the sync process. For the majority of the entities, use the sync Nothing(preserve data) and and avoid sign out (because all local storage is wiped on sign out).


Please, see for details.


In addition, Marcel Groeneweg shared a feasible solution to handle large data in offline first mobile apps:

  • how to optimize your sync settings for native mobile
  • retrieve large data sets in batches
  • show a progress bar while loading data
  • how to create incremental synchronization for optimal data retrieval
  • add indexes to optimize database retrieves


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