How can I call nanoflow by nanoflow name in javascript action?

I read article. this article explains like below.{     nanoflow: this.propertyWithNanoflow,     origin: this.mxform,     context: this.mxcontext,     callback: function(result) {         alert("Nanoflow completed with result " + result);     },     error: function(error) {         alert(error.message);     } }); I execute it with my nanoflow name(change this.propertyWithNanoflow to MyModule.NanoflowName)  But error is occured like below. MyModule is not defined Error What is mxform, mxcontext? It works just in widget?   I try the other way. I passed my nanoflow to javascript action. and execute this. MyNanoflow({myParam:myParam}) It's work. But I want user decide which method is executed. like a callback. How can I it?
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You might wanna see this also,


Also, if you are getting a not defined error, that means your query is executed before the library is loaded. Make sure that the Library is loaded first and only then your query is executed.


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It seems how to execute nanoflow when page loading.

Now I doing make snippet, I need to call different nanoflow when User change selector(combo).

Thank you for your advice.