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hi all! i am attempting to style a chart using json styling however i am very new to json. i have found the below example for hovering styling via mendix docs, however when i attempt to change the hover label color it does not change. what am i doing wrong? additionally, does anyone know where I can find more examples for json styling? I see the live editor on plotly ( http://plotly-json-editor.getforge.io/ ) however since I basically know nothing about json, it isn’t very useful as of now.   {   "hovermode": "text",   "hovertext": "text",   "hoverinfo": "all",   "textposition": "inside",   "hoverlabel": {     "bgcolor": "#888",     "bordercolor": "#888",     "font": {       "color": "white"     }   } }     Thank you all for always helping out!     ADDITIONAL QUESTION:   I found the blow example on https://plotly.com/python/bar-charts/ and would love to include the text above bars. This code is shown but how would I include this on my Mendix app?      This is the link to the getting started but is says python, as I am new to development, I’m not sure if python is the language that I need to use    
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In order to style your app, Mendix offers SCSS. As far as I know you can't use JSON or python to style items in Mendix.


I would recommend start reading here in order to figure out how to style some of the items