recaptcha trapping

My submit microflow on recaptcha calls recaptchaconfig and then verifies it and then does my custom validation. This works fine as long as something is entered in the recaptcha box. If nothing is entered for recaptcha - either because the user did not enter anything or because the recaptcha box is not shown, only "Recaptcha placeholder" shows and a submit button (this happens with some frequency) .. in either of these cases, the submit microflow does not seem to be called, but I don't get any error message. How/where can I display a message to the user that their information was not submitted? Thank you, Tracy
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Hi Tracy could you share your microflows and recaptcha configuration.

I actually use the but I have validation feedback on the recaptcha if it was not entered.

Perhaps you are using a different module so if you could share your current implementation I might be able to help you.