Save Button Microflow

How to make a save button microflow for Crew?
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Your button needs to be located in the Crew Data view on a page. The page you can extend with the Call microflow button. The newly created microflow will have the parameter Crew by default. In the Microflow you can add the additional Actions. The last Action should be the Commit object(s) for Crew (yes or no with events (the logic on the Entity) and a page refresh). 


The OOTB (Out Of The Box) Save button also saves the child objects, in case of an association (line towards the Crew). In case you use your own Microflow you need to address this.


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Hey mohammed,

I don't understand what crew is in you context,

But uf you want to save something, there is a save button  that mendix has provided out of box.


But if you want to follow other approach and want to use a  microflow for that, you can do that also,

Just apply a commit activity and commit the object that you want to. 

Hope it helps!